SEO Vendor Evaluation takes great pride in representing only the highest regarded and most proven SEO firms across the globe. Our evaluation process requires each vendor to submit a detailed outline of their services which weights their strengths and weaknesses which enables us to enter that data in to our proprietary matching algorithm.

Each vendor is also required to provide references from existing clients that can speak to the level of performance that the vendor has provided to them. Vendors are continued to be evaluated and those that do not live up to our high level of standards will be removed from our network.   Some of the key criteria vendors are rated on include:

Verified case studies that the vendor has achieved meaningful results for their clients to deliver ROI.  Our evaluation varies ratings on this metric based on the scope and volume of results shown as well as the level of competitiveness for the client.

White Hat Practices
It is critical to avoid companies that employee “Black Hat” SEO tactics.  While they can show results in the short term, they can cause serve damage when discovered by search engines and cause major setbacks or removal from rankings.  We evaluate SEO vendors to ensure their processes are compliant with search engine standards.

You should have full detail on all of the tasks your SEO vendor is performing to optimize your website and detailed reporting on efforts and results. analyzes how forthcoming vendors from the sales process through milestone reporting.

% of Work Performed In House
Many SEO firms outsource or subcontract large amounts of the tasks performed for their clients.  In some cases this can provide cost savings or leverage specializations, but can have great draw backs in other cases. factors how much work is performed in house vs. outsourced by vendors and the end quality provided to clients.

Cost/Value Provided
An SEO campaign can cost anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars a month depending on the scope and level of competition.  For this metric, we attempt to measure the scope of tasks performed at varying price points to gauge the value offered by each company.

Quality of Work
At the core of most any SEO campaign will include tasks that modify the website, add content and build inbound links. reviews sample work of our vendors to evaluate their effectiveness at the following:

  • Onsite optimization – There are many factors to the way a website is coded and the meta data it contains. 
  • Content Development – Continuously adding content to your website, blog and social media accounts helps drive SEO.  Most SEO campaigns will include content writing, so you need to be sure it is done with quality and care.
  • Link Building – Each link to your website is like a vote that your site is important.  However, not all votes are equal, so the websites linking to you and the content of link is greatly important in their value. 

Client Base Served
SEO Companies are usually not one size fits all.  Many serve specific niches including:

  • Industry focus   
  • Company size
  • Geo targets
  • Target audience and goal of campaign

Questions to ask an SEO company you are reviewing. gauges the types of clients that each vendor specializes in servicing to provide the best match results for your company. is insistent upon providing a platform that can truly match companies to the right SEO firm. For more information on our process, visit the Our Process page on our website.

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