How Our Process Works

The process we use is simple in design but multifaceted in both its functioning and the benefits that it brings to clients. In basic terms, can essentially be likened to an advanced “dating service” of sorts for companies to find quality SEO firms. The primary goal of is to help companies locate reputable SEO providers based on the specific needs of their company.

In a nutshell, when you run a search on you are returned results that are scored based on your specific requirements. Our search system compares the answers you provide to the various SEO companies' ratings in those specific areas, as well as ratings on several other factors that are inherent to high quality SEO firms. The results return a 1 – 10 matching score.

Two Step Process:

  • At, clients select options from four different fields to indicate their goals, importance of vendor location, industry, and budget.

  • Once the client indicators are selected and the search entered, the matching algorithm searches the database of vendor information against the client indications and delivers the best match.

Each vendor is evaluated on a large set of criteria that makes up our proprietary search algorithm. The vendor matches that are displayed show a match ratio of 1 to 10 based on the indications that the client has entered. has devised its rating process to deliver what we feel are the best possible results for companies seeking an SEO firm. We recommend you perform your own level of due diligence on the vendors and make no complete assumptions based exclusively on our matching process, but we are confident in the matches that we give searching clients. We are also confident that the vendors who are represented in our network are reputable and are experienced professionals in the area of online marketing.

We continue to evaluate the vendors that are associated with our network to ensure that we continue to provide quality services to our client-base. As such, we keep our vendor information up-to-date and our clients receive that benefit by knowing they have current information. To learn more about exactly how vendors are evaluated, refer to our Vendor Evaluation pages (e.g., Results, White Hat Practices, Transparency, etc.) on our website.

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